This work alludes to the meeting points of two major western folk stories: The “Song of songs” by king Solomon, and “Rapunzel” by the brothers Grimm. it tends to suggest a different inter-textual/ trans-sexual reading, interpreted rather from the point of view of the "other" and the abject.
With its excretions, preconditioned internal and sexual organs, both male and female, being “squeezed out” of a sewer pipe from the ceiling and spills to the floor - the knitted entity portrays itself as an “inside out” state of mind, body and courting; and the civilizations that mold it all. "Longing" seeks to wobble the boundaries and definitions of self reshaping, physically and mentally, beyond the dominating mythically-erotic conditionings.

Longing, Knitting, 300x60x60cm , 2009

Knitting, 300x60x60cm , 2009
Longing: Knitting, 300x60x60cm , 2009

Longing: Detail