One Summer Evening

This live performance and video art project was made in tribute and empathy to Israel “National poet” H.N Bialik.
This poignantly ironic poem tackles the hypocrisy of Orthodox societies in his time, as in ours - pretending to be able to repulse sexual and individual human nature, by guise of ascetic practices and austere facades.
The video suggests a queer reading of the poem - transmuting sacred paraphernalia into a prostitute attire tasks to provoke the discovery of one's identity by shaking the normative boundaries of conceptions and perceptions.
This video was not made with any intention to spite nor to offend, but from a deep passion for harmony and evolving dialogue between secular and religious, gay and straight, men and women.
With the participation of singer artist Eran Zur.

Summer Evening, Video Performance, 00:03:18, 2006