The Kippas Collection – an ongoing project

The origins, measures and advent of the jewish male use of kippa skullcap, as a token and pledge to humbleness and fear of god - are debatable and uncertain.
Today, however, it have seemingly become the conspicuous emblem of a pride in pertaining to a certain flock or fashion trend.

This collection offers the added values and options, of also corresponding with the almighty:

Wearing the Breastlev kippa, with it's rosy nipple epitomizing the Shekhina (the motherly and sisterly sides of god) - Guaranties a unique and enhanced bond with the creator. Not necessarily the sexual kind of bond per se, but rather a visceral uninhibited connection to divinity.

The Eye Contact kippa is fashioned to encourage a more mutual parley with god. With it's eyeball shape ever-scrutinizing heavenwards, it loads the biblical stance of "An Eye for an Eye" with entirely different perspectives. This kippa is particularly suited for Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement - but not only.

The Golden Ball and Chain kippa is a sophisticated accessory, meticulously calculated to display and fasten one's allegiance and endowment to the Almighty lords of affluence and plutocracy.
As money itself - this kippa is blind, and knows no skin color, religion, nor country - therefore it is the perfect match to practically any financial, political and clerical cloak one chooses to cover one's shackles with.
With its light weight and mobility, this golden kippa is far more suitable to our times and much less cumbersome than a calf.

Clockwise – Breastlev , Eye Contact , Black Breastev , Golden Ball and Chain
Knitting, 18X18X10 cm each, 2009-2012