My knitted dolls are outcasts put on a podium to be pointed at and ridiculed but at the same time they are magical heroes ruling the world they inhabit from that same mighty podium. They reflect my inner reality, a substitute for the outside world. The individual story that accompanies each doll and its “private tale of suffering" are related to my emotional state during the process of knitting, a state that “seals their fate". These dolls have been a kind of revelation, an alternative to friends, children, family. They live in a lonely and self enclosed world, in a dreamlike allegorical bubble where things that would never occur in reality take place. These are beloved, perverse, humiliated and humiliating creatures that are filled with emotions and humor. They are ambivalent, reckless, pathetic, dirty, heroic, abject, beautiful, unique, mute, expressive, worn out and exploited and they all have charming defects.




Side Scene, 2007, 60*60*30 c"m 



Breakfast Hat, 2007, 35*35*35 c"m 

Slave, 2008, 40*35*35 c"m 


Prison Doll, 2009, 25*15*15 c"m 

knitting, 2010, 80*50*50 c"m
Inertia: knitting, 2010, 80*50*50 c"m

Karma, 2008, 35*40*40 c"m 

Flower Doll, 20*10*10 c"m 

Primavera (cut out)