Artist Statement

By deconstructing and transforming canonized familiar myths from varied beliefs and traditions, and creating fantastic realms where characters with elusive gender, sexual and political identities serve as alternative cultural heroes – I try to challenge and undermine the structured definitions and portrayal of the “other”, in order to explore and cherish the intrinsic potential of the extra-ordinary.
Through a manifold spectrum of practices and media, and with a prevalent predilection for the craftswomanship of crochet knitting, I indulge in the therapeutic virtues of knitting as means to dwell on personal and collective traumas, as well as to reflect upon recurrent obsessive patterns in mankind's societies.
The act of knitting resembles writing: long, rapid, carefully calculated and monotonous movements, a collection of syllables that create a narrative, the object.
The texts and contexts become textures that suggest an alternative examination, reflection and interpretation to dogmatic translations.